The Central Council's powers have been delegated to three main committees; Management, Appeals and Safety.

The Management Committee is responsible for the financial affairs of the Guild; making recommendations on matters to be brought before the Central Council; and for considering any matter that might affect the Guild or its members.

The Appeals Committee forms part of a process which is fundamental to the constitution of the Guild. Should any member
feel that either his, or the Guild's interests have been infringed by another member or section, he can invoke the Guild's rules.
His complaint is brought before the appropriate section committee, who, having heard all evidence, have the power to adjudicate and impose penalties.

All decisions of the section committee are subject to the review of the Appeals Committee if one of the parties to the complaint is dissatisfied. Should the judgement of the Appeals Committee be unacceptable, the objector has the right to refer the case to an Appeals Tribunal. Consisting of a barrister and two past presidents of the Guild, this is the final court of appeal within the Guild.