Chairman: John Flack

Vice-Chairman: Lawrence Crick

Treasurer: Joe Noyce

Asst. Treasurer: John Manning

Secretary: Toni Bull

1) John Flack

2) Joe Noyce

3) Charles Presland

4)Bill Pettigrove

1) Lawrence Crick

2) John Birch

3) Roy Shufflebottom

Lawrence Crick

William Pettigrove

Deputy: Roy Shufflebottom

1) D. Traylen

2) J. Manning

3) J. Noyce

4) C. Presland

1) William Pettigrove

2) John Flack

All Committee Members and Lessees

Tyler Hatwell

1) Philip Searle

2) Jimmy Beach

3) Roy Shufflebottom

4) Lawrence Crick

5) Stephen Pavey

6) John Birch

Billy Bibby

1) Charles Presland (Chairman)

2) William Pettigrove

3) Roy Shufflebottom

4) Lawrence Crick

5) Stephen Pavey,

6) Michael Searle

6) John Birch

With Powers to co-opt

1) J. Beach/4667

2) J. Flack/4676

3) W. Pettigrove/5109

4) P. Searle/4396

5) J. Birch/5098

6) W. Bibby

7) C. Presland/4550

8) J. Smith/5149

9) L. Crick/3553

10) J. Manning/4041

11) J. Noyce/5534

12) R. Shufflebottom4563

13) G. Horsley

14) S. Pavey/5664

15) M. Searle/4469

16) D. Traylen/4394




Guild House,

41 Clarence Street,

Staines Upon Thames,


TW18 4SY

Telephone: 01784-454780


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