Chairman: Alex James Colquhoun

Vice-Chairman: Sheldon Johnstone

Treasurer: George Pinder

Assistant Treasurer: All Committee Members can be co-opted

Sergeant at Arms: Jordan Evans

Deputy Sergeant at Arms: Leighton Tulloch

Secretary: Ms Laia Coll Autet

Asst. Secretary: All Committee Members can be co-opted

1) L. Tulloch

2) J. Evans

3) S. Johnstone

1) G. Pinder

2) T. Smith

3) A. Newsome

4) R. Wilmot Jnr

A. J. Colquhoun

Leighton Tulloch

1) Norman Thomas

2) Christine Stirling

3) Peter McShane

4) Philip Paris

5) Spencer Hiscoe

1) Sheldon Johnstone

2) T. Smith

3) John Bateman

4) G. Pinder

All Committee Members and Section Lessees

Christine Stirling

1) C. Horne

2) R. Wilmot Jnr

3) Wm A. Newsome

4) A. Reid

All Committee Members except the ones excluded by rule

1) John Bateman

2) Kevin Carter

3) N. Codona

4) Alex James Colquhoun

5) Jordan Evans

6) B. Hickey

7) Charles William Horne

8) Sheldon Johnstone

9) W. A. Newsome

10) George Pinder

11) A. Reid

12) T. Smith

13) C. Stirling

14) L. Tulloch

15) Richard Wilmot Jnr

Secretary’s Address:

Showmen’s Guild of Great Britain – Scottish Section

62 Cambuslang Road, Rutherglen, Glasgow, G73 1AX

Telephone: 0141 613 3131

E. Mail:                          

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